Community Activities


Timely reporting of community activities is crucial to the development of the VFW.  Posts should report monthly to the Department Headquarters using the linked form here:

FY_22_23_Community Activities Form

It is of the utmost importance that VFW Posts report their volunteer hours and especially their donations accurately.  A Post that inflates the amounts of money they donate, intentionally or otherwise, may place their non-profit status in jeopardy.

HOURS:    When the Post reports to the Department, they should list the hours of community service performed by the Post, affiliated Cootie Scratch, Auxiliary, Men’s Auxiliary, Sons of the VFW and Junior Girls for that reporting period.  Only volunteer service hours benefiting the community are to be reported.  Volunteer hours committed to projects and activities benefiting the Post and its affiliated units listed above cannot be reported.

MONEY:    The money that should be reported are the dollars donated or expended by the members in performance of the community service hours reported, plus $0.14 per mile for each mile driven by the volunteers.

DO NOT REPORT:    The value of the hours worked is a calculation made on the national level only.  Posts and Departments should never report any figures derived from the value of hours worked.


Outstanding National Community Services Post 

Each Department selects one Post.  Posts should have completed and reported their community activities throughout the administrative year.

Outstanding Posts are selected by the State Commander and State Junior Vice Commander/ Community Activities Chairman.


  • A plaque inscribed with the name of the VFW Post and its Auxiliary (if applicable)
  • $599 stipend to cover part of the Post Commander’s expenses to National Convention
  • Publication of the Post’s name in the Convention program booklet

Deadline:    June 1st