Homeless Veterans Chairman

If you are a veteran needing assistance, please click here to visit our resource page.


Stand Down Flyer Oct. 20 2017 - Final

Fundraising Chairman

The annual auction will be here before you know it.  Please begin soliciting quality items in your area to be put up for auction.  Auction receipts and request letters were sent to each Post but are available by request to the Headquarters.
Let’s make the 2017-2018 a great fund raising year!











It’s never too early to achieve 100%!  Now is the time to begin reaching out to your members and encouraging them to convert to Life Membership, Life Legacy Membership, or to simply renew their annual.

Thinking about becoming a member?  Membership in the VFW has never been easier!  You can sign up right online, at   Enjoy exclusive member benefits and sign up, today!


Youth Activities Chairman

Click here for some useful tips on getting you started, and where to find information to assist you!

All Scout entry forms must be to the POST for judging by March 1st

All Post winners advancing to the next level of judging must have their completed packets to the DEPARTMENT CHAIRMAN by April 1st.

Scout of the Year Entry Form

Completed packets should be mailed to the following:
Attn:  Chairman Kevin Hassin
500 E Park Ave
Wasilla, AK  99654 

Patriot’s Pen Chairman – POST entries must be received by October 31, 2017

2017-2018 Patriot’s Pen Theme:  “America’s Gift to my Generation”

Click here for entry form



Completed packets should be mailed to the following:
Attn:  Chairman Betty Keao 
500 E Park Ave
Wasilla, AK  99654 

Voice of Democracy Chairman – POST entries must be received by October 31, 2017

2017-2018 Voice of Democracy Theme:  “America’s History:  Our Hope for the Future”


Completed packets should be mailed to the following:
Attn:  Chairman Lorraine Roehl
500 E Park Ave
Wasilla, AK  99654 

Teacher of the Year Chairman – POST entries must be received by October 31, 2017

Teacher of the Year deadlines have been changed for the upcoming term. POST deadline for entries is now October 31, 2017 with deadline to the DEPARTMENT CHAIRMAN on December 1, 2017. This drastically shortens the amount of time you have to submit a completed nomination packet for an outstanding educator in your area. Please don’t delay – as soon as the new school term opens in August, begin collecting your information.

Teacher of the Year Nomination Form 

Completed packets should be mailed to the following:
Attn:  Chairman Duane Gonzales
500 E Park Ave
Wasilla, AK  99654 


Buddy Poppy Chairman 


Don’t forget to order your poppies!  2016-17 poppy sales were 15,000 below the 2015-16 term.  The VFW Buddy Poppy program is one of the most visible symbols of our organization and proceeds from distribution are used for veteran’s welfare or for the well being of their needy dependents and the orphans of veterans.  If your Post has an excess of poppies in their posession but would still like to participate, contact headquarters for some ordering ideas.
Please use this form when ordering.

Why Wear A Poppy


Community Activities

Timely reporting of community activities is crucial to the development of the VFW.  Posts should report monthly to the Department Headquarters using this form.
It is of the utmost importance that VFW Posts report their volunteer hours and especially their donations accurately.  A Post that inflates the amounts of money they donate, intentionally or otherwise, may place their non-profit status in jeopardy.

HOURS:    When the Post reports to the Department, they should list the hours of community service performed by the Post, affiliated Cootie Scratch, Auxiliary, Men’s Auxiliary, Sons of the VFW and Junior Girls for that reporting period.  Only volunteer service hours benefiting the community are to be reported.  Volunteer hours committed to projects and activities benefiting the Post and its affiliated units listed above cannot be reported.

MONEY:    The money that should be reported are the dollars donated or expended by the members in performance of the community service hours reported, plus $0.14 per mile for each mile driven by the volunteers.

DO NOT REPORT:    The value of the hours worked is a calculation made on the national level only.  Posts and Departments should never report any figures derived from the value of hours worked.


Veterans and Military Support

Complete this form and return to Chairman J.R. Hackett at the end of each month

Chairman Hackett emails each Post towards the end of the month.  You can simply hit “reply” and answer the questions in his email, complete the form provided, or call HQ to provide your answers.  It’s important to accurately account for all of the good you’re doing in your community!  Please be sure to reach out to Chairman Hackett or Headquarters if you require assistance in completing this each month.